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French Tarot / Tarot Nouveau / Animal Tarock / Tiroler Tarock (78 Cards)


78 Cartes Super Luxe Bonmarche, Piatnik 1949




78 Cartes Super Luxe De Luxe, Piatnik 1948

De Luxe



Russisches Tiertarock, Piatnik 2868



Piatnik Tiroler Tarock Nr. 2879





Piatnik Classic Tarock Cards (54 Cards)

Kaffeehaus Tarock, Piatnik 1909




Ornament Tarock, Piatnik 1935



Jagd Tarock, Piatnik 1905



Blitz Tarock, Piatnik 1934




Luxus Tarock, Piatnik 1903



Karo Tarock, Piatnik 1936



Damen-Tarock, Piatnik 288197





Piatnik Edition Tarock Cards (54 Cards)


Industrie & Gluck Tarock, Piatnik 2883


& Gluck



Salzburger Tarock, Piatnik 2874




Das Soldaten Tarock, Piatnik 286599



Feinste Wiener Tarock, Piatnik 2885




Piatnik No. 281099 Berghuttentarock um 1889


Chinesen Tarock, Piatnik 2884




Piatnik No. 288296 Narrentarock


Piatnik No. 281198 Tarock mit Berufsdarstellungen um 1849






Luxury wooden box for most Tarock Cards

Playing card box for most Tarock cards.

Wooden box with glass inlay.

Cards not included.






Piatnik Edition Tarock Gift Sets


Tiroler Tarock

(78 Cards)

Piatnik No. 2879 Das Flotner'sche Kartenspiel


Piatnik No. 2861 Von Lebensgluck und Narretey


Piatnik No. 2859 Spielkarten-Bilder in Persischen Lackmalereien


Jvgendstiltarock Gift Set, Piatnik 2850


(54 Cards)






Flemish Hunting Deck Piatnik 2897

1480 Flemish Hunting



Ambras Court Hunting Deck Piatnik 2896

Ambras Court Hunting






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