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Flemish Hunting Deck Piatnik 2897Piatnik Edition Flemish Hunting Deck Nr. 2897 (53 card deck)


The original of the Flemish Hunting Deck, "Flamisches Jagdkartenspiel,"  was not publicly exhibited until the early 1980s, when it was acquired by the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Since then it has been on display in the museum's Cloisters medieval collection.  It is known popularly as the Cloisters' Playing Cards.

The original dates to about 1475 to 1480, and, as you will find in this precise facsimile, is wonderfully preserved.

The four suits are comprised of dog collars, tethers for the hounds, nooses for birds, and hunting horns.  The oval cards number 52 plus one blank.

The burgundy hard cover box hold the cards and historical book.




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