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One of the greatly fascinating things about Tarock is flexibility when it comes to Rules.  On rare occasions, the cards may happen to fall in a sequence not discussed in the guidelines we cover in this site, thus leaving you to "invent" a rule of your own. 

These "inventions" have led to a great variety of House Rules.  Here are some that we've encountered in our travels.  Feel free to incorporate them in your own game!

If your partner captures your Mond, you are NOT penalized 21 points.

If you call your own King (ie. the called King is in the Talon), you can give up the game and just be penalized for your bid.

You cannot change your bid after winning the bidding (ie. you're stuck with whatever you bid, you cannot change to a higher bid).

You CAN lead Tarocks before they're broken.

You can also win Pagat Ultimo if your partner wins the Pagat with a higher Tarock.

If you lose Pagat Ultimo, the team is not penalized 25 points, just you.

If you win Pagat Ultimo, the team doesn't win 25 points, just you.

The team is able to sacrifice the Called King without penalty, except in King Ultimo.

In the Emperor's Trick, the Pagat must be played after the Skeench and Mond.

It's an automatic misdeal if someone is dealt one or no Tarocks.

You can call misdeal if you're dealt two Tarocks that add to less than 10.

If the only Tarock dealt to you is the Pagat, you can call "Free Bird" meaning you can play the Pagat at ANY time during the game and win that trick.

If everyone passes, redeal (no Klop).

Winning the 2nd to last trick with the II is called an Eagle and is worth 10 bonus points.

If you play with other variations, please let us know!  We'd like to include them here!  email