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Volume I The Encyclopedia of Tarot, $35.00 Volume II Volume III
The fascinating  story of tarot from its mysterious origins to the present.  Over 3200 different tarot cards from over 250 tarot and tarock decks -- many of which have never been published before! Tarot cards from the fifteenth to nineteenth centuries.  Includes the earliest known cards, histories of the families who commissioned them and of the artists who painted them.  A treasury of more than 3600 different cards from 300 tarot decks, fully identified and described.  A monumental compilation of tarot symbolism and imagery. A treasury of more than 8500 different tarot cards from the twentieth century.  Over 550 tarot decks, not appearing in Volumes I and II, are fully identified and described including symbolism and artists' interpretations.  Plus the life and work of Pamela Colman Smith, artist of the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.


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