The Trula

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The Trula (sounds like "true love") is formed when these three Tarocks (trump cards), Skeench, Pagat(I) ("pa got'"), and Mond(XXI) (long "o"), are captured by members of the same team. 

Whereas all other Tarocks are worth only one point each, the cards of the Trula are worth 5 points each.  In addition, the Trula bonus is worth 15 extra points. 

The individual cards of the Trula, played at special times during the game give players additional bonuses and/or penalties. 

For example, if these three Tarocks are played in the same trick, the Pagat (I) transforms into the highest trump claiming victory over the Mond(XXI) and even the Skeench.  This is called the Emperor's Trick:  the player of the Pagat wins the Trula bonus for her side & the player of the Mond suffers the penalty for Captured Mond.