karo.gif (50549 bytes) This is the Talon (rhymes with "the phone") as viewed from above.

Actually, there are six cards in the Talon.  You are trying to out-bid the other players in hopes of exchanging some of the cards in your hand with some of the cards in the Talon.

If you win the bid with Two, the Talon is turned over into 3 sets of two cards each. 

Choose the best set (you cannot mix the cards to create the best set); the remaining 4 Talon cards will go to your opponents and will be counted as points for their side.

Then discard two cards from your hand (you cannot discard any of the cards you have chosen from the Talon; nor any 5 point card: Kings, Skeench, Pagat, Mond.

If you discard any other Tarock, you must place it face up on the table so the other players know how many Tarocks are in play. 

The cards you discard will be counted as points for your side.

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