Your basic strategy should revolve around the Tarocks. Keeping in mind there are 22 Tarocks in the deck, each player on average will have 5 or 6 Tarocks each hand. Usually, there will also be a few Tarocks in the Talon, but don't count on it!

Learning to count Tarocks during play will greatly improve your ability to make successful plays in the final few tricks of a game.

One way of counting is to subtract the number of Tarocks in your hand and the number of tarocks left in the Talon, after the declarer has chosen her set, from 22. If you hold 7 and there are 3 remaining in the Talon after the declarer has chosen her set, then there are 12 Tarocks still "out there." (Aside: with 12 Tarocks out there, on average, each of the other players will be holding 4 Tarocks. As soon as you can begin leading Tarocks, you'll be able to "bleed" the other players of their Tarocks, theoretically, leaving you with 3 Tarocks when the other players have none). Just knowing there are 12 out there will be a big help in planning your game strategy.

However, if you're able to remember to subtract 1 everytime another player plays one, you'll greatly improve your ability to win King Ultimo and Pagat Ultimo & you'll be able to play the final few tricks confidently, opposed to risking the game by having to guess which card will be the best to play.

This is very important because many, many, many games are decided in the last couple tricks!