Deciding what to lead can often be difficult.

Eventhough every game will have a slightly different strategy, depending on the cards you're holding & depending on whether or not you're the declarer's partner, here are a few guidelines.

Pay attention to all of the cards in the Talon. Watch for clues in the cards the declarer picks up and in the cards she leaves behind. The declarer supposedly has a lot of power in her hand, so if a club happens to be in the set she chooses from the Talon, chances are good your King of clubs will make it around without getting trumped, since she cannot discard what she picks up.

When the cards from the Talon are turned over, there is usually a set that stands out from the others that everyone naturally assumes the declarer will choose. Try to reason out why the declarer chose the particular set she did. That will give some insight in the strengths and weaknesses of her hand. If you're an opponent, attact the weaknesses; if you're her partner, complement her strengths.

If you're an opponent, you may want to try to bleed out the called King. Do this by leading suit cards of the called suit. Eventually, the player will have to play the called King. This is good strategy because if you have many cards of the called suit, chances are your partner will be able to play a high Tarock on the called King, thus capturing it and penalizing the declarer's team's score by 15 points.

Contrarily, if you have the called King along with a lot of the called suit, you can pretend to be trying to bleed out the called King. Eventually, the opponents will have to start playing Tarocks on the called suit (you have to play a Tarock if you cannot follow suit), a sure sign that they are not the declarer's partner! This is a great way of letting the declarer know you are attempting King Ultimo.

If your partner is trumping hearts, keep leading hearts so your partner can keep winning tricks.

If you have a King that you believe will make it around without getting trumped, lead the King. Otherwise, save your King to dish to your partner at a safe time later in the game.

If you're bleeding Tarocks and you know there are still a good many Tarocks out there, lead your low Tarocks saving your higher ones for more valuable tricks. If you know there are only 5 Tarocks out there and you're still bleeding, switch to leading your high Tarocks since and opponent may run out of Tarocks allowing her to dish big points to her partner. Also, if you see your partner has run out of Tarocks, leading the Skeench will let your partner know that now is the time for her to dish her most valuable card.