One ideal hand would be to have all 8 of one suit, the other 3 Kings and a Tarock.

Your mission is to win all 12 tricks.

Tarocks do not function as trumps, but must be played if the player cannot follow suit.

Start by leading the cards of the suit that you hold to bleed out the other players' Tarocks. By the time you play the 8th card of the suit, all the Tarocks should be out, leaving your remaining Kings and Tarock to win the final 4 tricks.

There are many other variations that can win; for example, having the Cavalier, Queen & King of each suit.

These examples are guaranteed wins. Take chances; be creative.

You can raise your bid to Colour Valat after the Talon has been turned over if you've won the bid with Solo Three, Solo Two or Solo One.   This is the only time you may change your bid after the Talon has been turned over!