6 Tarocks should do. Your discard strategy is further limited & the 5 cards that you leave behind in the Talon all go to your opponents. Hopefully, you wont have to give them a bunch af points to begin with!

In addition to having high Tarocks, one or two Kings will be helpful. Each of the four suits contains 8 cards, so on average, each player will have two of every suit. If the only club in your hand is the King of clubs and there is only one club in the Talon, then there are six clubs out there. Chances are very good that if you lead the King of clubs, everyone will have to follow suit. (Grandma Devine's Rule #1: The King should make it around the first time the suit is played).

But let's say you have the Jack, Queen and King of clubs and there are 2 clubs in the Talon. Now there are only 3 clubs out there. Chances are someone is going to be able to trump clubs, so hold on to the King until you can safely throw it to your partner or until you're sure everyone is out of Tarocks.