You should have no more than 2 or 3 low Tarocks and you should be 4 suited (cards in all 4 suits, the lower the better).

The object of this game is to take zero tricks, so you can win if you're 3 suited, but be careful.  Barach is worth 70 points.

Also, be careful if you have any Kings or other high point cards - remember, you must head the trick if you're able (special rule for Barach, Open Barach, and Klop). This means you must play a higher card than the player before you, if you can (You have to take it if you can). It does not mean you must play your highest card....

You have the first lead, so if you have 3 diamonds, one of them the King, lead your lowest diamond - this will bleed diamonds from the other players so when/if you must play your King, chances are good one of the other players will be out of diamonds & have to trump it. (Strategy for Klop & Open Barach is the same as for Barach.  These are the three "negative" bids where special rules apply).

The wheels have suddenly reversed: lead low - throw off your high point cards when you've run out of Tarocks!