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Ambras Court Hunting Deck Piatnik 2896Piatnik Edition Ambras Court Hunting Deck Nr. 2896

Ambras Court Hunting Deck Piatnik 2896


Technically precise (corner chips and all) facsimile of the hand-drawn "Ambraser Hofjagdspiel," from the 15th century, the original of which is on display in Vienna's Museum of Art History. 

Individual card sizes vary slightly, but are approximately 3 1/2 by 6 inches each.

The card suits are comprised of hounds, falcon, heron, and lure.  Within each suit, we found  that all but two of the pips are in tact numbering one through nine, plus one of each image on a flag, plus King, Queen, Rider & Page.  

Cloth box is hunter green and contains the Limited Edition Ambras Court Hunting Deck and historical book.




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