New Year's Eve Eve
Friends from all over the country gathered in Champaign-Urbana just before the turn of the year.  Naturally, a few games of Tarock were played but mostly this was about good friends, good food & drink and singer-songwriter Paul Kotheimer.  Paul took an immediate liking to Tarock and propped the Jack of Hearts on the tv during his performance.  He played all his hits and some of his new work.  After the show, Heather was fortunate enough to score Paul's new CD, 113 Carolina Avenue, in a trade for a Blitz Tarock deck.   I've listened to113 Carolina Avenue  over a dozen times.  Just can't get enough of Everybody Smokes in Hell, Rio de Janeiro Breeze  and You Wish You Could Go Out Tonight

To talk to Paul or buy his CDs visit The Hand-Made Record Label

From left to right: Jackie&Toney, Del, Chaperone, Slaughter, our kind hosts Greg&JoAnn, Paul with guitar, Jen&Lee, Jeremy, Marya&Pete, Jeff, Tim, Heather, Susan.  Not in photo: many others.